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I have published 21 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and 18 book chapters. I have co-edited four special issues of international peer-reviewed journals, and three books, and written more than 20 policy briefs and scientific reports.

Selected publications

Journal articles and special issues of journals 

Differentiated cooperation as the mode of governance in EU foreign policy, “Contemporary Security Policy”, 2023. (with M.G. Vicere Amadio)

How does delegation structure shape agent discretion in EU foreign policy? Evidence from the Normandy Format and the Contact Group on Libya, “Contemporary Security Policy”, 2022.

When Politics Trumps Strategy: UK-EU Security and Defence Collaboration after Brexit, "International Political Science Review", 2021 (with B. Martill)

Supranational policy entrepreneurs: The High Representative and the European Union’s global strategy, "International Affairs", 2021.

The transformation of political elites in the European Union after 2008. What is next after the constraining dissensus?, "Journal of European Integration", 2020 (with M. Hadeed).

Theory infused and policy relevant – On the usefulness of scenario analysis for international relations, “Contemporary Security Policy”, 2020,(with M. Hadeed) *This paper has been nominated to the Bernard Brodie Prize and is available in Open Access. 

Wysoki Przedstawiciel Unii Europejskiej do Spraw Zagranicznych i Polityki Bezpieczeństwa jako przedsiębiorca polityczny. Propozycja podejścia badawczego, “Rocznik Integracji Europejskiej”, 3,  2019, pp. . 61-72.

Great Expectations: The Brexit Moment in EU Security and Defence and the Return of the Capabilities-Expectations Gap, “Europe and the World – A Law Review”, 2019 (with B. Martill).


Post-Brexit EU/UK security cooperation: NATO, CSDP+ or ‘French Connection’?, “The British Journal of Politics and International Relations”, 20 (4), 2019, pp. 846–863 (with B. Martill).

The rise of geopolitics in the EU’s approach in its Eastern Neighbourhood, Special issue of "Geopolitics", 24(1), 2019  (with C. Nitoiu)

Strategy in EU Foreign Policy, Special issue of "International Politics", 56(3), 2019 (edited with C. Nitoui).

European Union in the World 2025 – Scenarios for the EU relationships with neighbours and strategic partners, Special issue of "Futures. The journal of policy, planning and futures studies”, 97, 2018.

Books and edited volumes








Poland and Germany in the European Union.The multi-dimensional dynamics of bilateral relations, Routledge Advances in European Politics, 2021 (edited with E. Opilowska). 

The Transformative Power of Europe. The Polish case, Nomos Verlag 2015 (co-edition with I.P. Karolewski).

European Union as Transformative Power in Eastern Europe 2009-2013. Case of Ukraine, College of Europe, Natolin&Warsaw 2014.

Poland’s EU-Council Presidency under Evaluation. Navigating Europe through Stormy Water, Nomos Verlag 2013, (co-edition with I.P. Karolewski, T. Mehlhausen).

Doradztwo w polityce zagranicznej Polski i Niemiec. Inspiracje dla Polski /Advisory in Foreign Policy of Poland and Germany. Lessons for Poland/, Wroclaw University Press 2011.

For the full list of my academic publications, see my CV. 

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